Logistics of deliveries

  • Container transport

    The global network of COSCO SHIPPING LINES CO. includes over 400 agencies around the world. We offer services for standard FCL containers as well as specialized equipment:
    - reefer containers:20'RF, 40'RF, 40'HCRF
    - Open Top containers: IG and OOG cargoes.

    Our specialists will choose the most suitable service, taking into account the maximum transit time and the requested price.

    You can learn more for our Black Sea service - PBX

    The transit hub for Bulgaria is the PCT Terminal in Port of Piraeus, Greece, from where a wide range of services are available to cover the global maritime market.

    More information about services from Piraeus can be found here

  • Customs Services

    For our customers convenience, we provide full services related to:

    - import customs clearance

    - export customs clearance

    - tranzit formalities and T2L

    - we provide a company representative in case physical customs check is appointed

    Our team is specialized in the EU and Bulgarian Customs Law and regulations in order to acurately assist upon filling of requested 

    documentation for timely and seamless customs clearance of goods.

  • Inland trucking

    This is what we call ADDED VALUE. Our commitment does not end with delivery to the designated port. We will look into the details of your needs and execute the delivery to a specified address or any cargo transhipment. Storrage is also an option, depending on your needs. All this is our engagement so that you can plan business-critical things.

  • Stripping/Stuffing

    We offer to our customers variety of end-to-end solutions. We provide port handling services, cargo handling in our owned warehouse only 3 km away from Port of Varna West. All cargo operations are inclusive of stripping of containers, stuffing, lashing and unlashing, lashing certification and cargo survey, repacking and palletizing.

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  • Storage of goods

    Indoor storage area
    7500 sq.m. divided into 6 separate multipurpose warehouses
    1250 sq.m. certified bonded warehouse
    All warehouses are licensed by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency for the storage of grain, feed and food of non-animal origin.

    Open warehouse area - 3000 sq.m.

    Our services:

    - Containerisation / decontainerisation
    - Packaging and unpacking of bulk cargo in / from bags and big bags
    - Palletizing and depalletising of goods
    - Lashing and unlashing and securing services
    - Certified weightbridge
    - Storage of goods in indoor and outdoor warehouses

  • Cargo insurance

    Cargo insurance during international transportation is the safest way to protect yourself against losses incurred during congestion and transportation of goods.

    Depending on the type and specificity of the cargo, we will offer you the coverage of the risks according to the existing cargo clauses:

    - Institute Cargo Clauses (A): Full coverage

    - Institute Cargo Clauses (B): Fixed coverage of listet claims

    - Institute Cargo Clauses (C): Minimum coverage

    We can offer the coverage of specific cargoes through special clauses.